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Opinions on tuners

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I am trying to decide which tuners to get for my project and was just curious what everyone here thinks about the different tuners available. At the moment I am leaning towards the Shaller Mini M6's, but I am not dead set on them yet.

I have also considered the Gotoh Shaller style and the Grover Mini Rotomatics. (I also like the Gotoh 510 Minis, but they are a bit pricey).

I am trying to narrow this down, so I can go ahead and drill my tuner holes in the headstock. It looks like all of the brands and styles I am looking at require the 10mm holes. But if someone thinks there are better tuners out there, I would like to consider them in case they require a different hole size, before I start drilling.

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Before you drill your headstock you should realize that the sound of your guitar will change if you put heavier tuners on - the resonance of the neck changes. You'll get more sustain if you increase the mass at the headstock but you'll also get less "wood" and warmth in the sound. This was my experience with a Strat where I went from stock Gotoh sealed tuners (heavier than yours, which sound like Kluson style) to Sperzels. They're great tuners, but the change in sound was not an improvement to my ears. You may reasonably disagree here - tone is subjective - and if you tried it and didn't like it you can get adapter bushings nowadays to put the old ones in the drilled holes.

I've actually known a few players who replaced Klusons with sealed ones and ended up doweling the holes and redrilling to put the old ones back.

P.S. If you're strictly into death metal, feel free to disregard this - it doesn't really apply to totally mondo distorto stuff.

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