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Drilling for ferrules

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I'm getting ready to start work on a telecaster body from a body blank. I don't have a telecaster available to reference, so I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how to drill the string/ferrule holes? I know I'll just drill a hole the same size as the ferrule in the back of the guitar, but how large a diameter is typically drilled the other way (for the strings to pass thru the top)?

My guess would be just make it big enough for the strings and just make the ferrule hole deep enough for the ferrules, but any input from people here would be helpful. Thanks.


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I drill them large enough, and straight enough :D to make sure that the string doesn't contact the wood when threaded through. If it bends over the wood enough, the wood will depress gradually and the string can go out of tune. Not a big deal, but an easily avoidable situation.

The bit I use is at home (I'm at work), so I can't measure it to be sure, but I'm reasonalbly sure it is 1/8".

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