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Fretboard finish


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Hi .

I have used a rosewood fretboard and was wondering what should I put on it for a finish . if anything , and at what stage of the project I should do it.

I might not complete the guitar for a while so I kind of want to protect it from the elements.



PS-How do I post a picture here?

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Would it hurt to put the lemon oil on before I finish the neck and fit the frets or should I wait till I finish the guitar?

I was going to use a tung oil on the body and neck,mainly because its easier.

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i *believe* you should put the frets on before a rub down with lemon oil. i've never made a neck, fretted one etc, but i do know that the wood will contract a little as it dries, so it'd be best to have a tight fit when it's contracted some, then when it expands a little bit after being conditioned, the frets will still be nice and tight.

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You can also find rosewood essentail oil at health food stores, a lot of people recommend woodwind instrument bore oil, and others recomend guitar honey. There are a multitude of products out there and searching any guitar based forum will lead you to major arguments about what is best.

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