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Fixed bridge

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Hello everyone, I am building my very first guitar, and I am having a few problems with the bridge. First of all, I would like to install a fixed bridge just to keep things simple my first time around. My questions are:

1. Does anyone know if fixed bridges require a neck angle?

I know that not all of them are installed perpendicular to the strings, so:

2. When and why should they sometimes be installed at an angle relative to the strings?

And last one guys I promise... :D :

3. Do they all require a neck angle?

To keep things simple, I would prefer not to have a neck angle, but what type or make of fixed bridge would you recommend? I really do not like tail pieces for the strings, so either have strings thru the body or have them hook up straight from the bridge itself. I was looking into getting a Schaller bridge. Any ideas guys???

Thanks in advance B)


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Hi Ernie and welcome to the forum :D

Nope they do not all require a neck angle, certain bridges are better with the use of an angled neck simply because of their height when mounted on the body.

When it comes to mounting the bridge at an angle some are and some are not depending on the amount of adjustment for the saddles. This is done to help with the intonation of the guitar.

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If you install a "Strat"style bridge, you don't need to angle the neck. You can easily adjust the neck pockets depth if you need to, by 1 mm or so, to help with height.

Also, that type of bridge is installed perpendicular to the strings.

For a "Gibson"style bridge (aka Tune-o-matic), you would need to angle the neck, as this bridge sits very high over the body.

The saddle portion of this bridge is angled slightly, in relation to the strings, for intonation purposes.

The "string anchor" section sits perpendicular.

Now, if you go for a string-thru, you can put the strings in any design you want where they enter the body, as you are not limited to a piece of hardware...

(Now for the people that really know this stuff, did I cover most of the essentials?)

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