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truss rod channel?


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When routing the truss rod channel, how do you decide the shape of the bottom of the channel? A lot of the tutorials that i have read say to have them concave, but they never describe exactly what shape (If there needs to be one) and how you work this shape out. :D


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I'm thinking you're asking about the routing depth shape (not cross-section shape)

Caveat: I just buy dual-action truss rods, because I'm lazy.

So, what I know about single-action "bowed channel" rods is based on what I read - not done.

Dual action truss rods = straight channel

Single action / compression truss rods = a couple choices

a- I've seen them cut straight, but angled down towards the neck heel.

This is so that you are "pulling" the nut end down away from the centerline of string-neck compression. I actually did this for an archtop.

b- I've seen folks "bow" the channel.

The channel "humps" down in the middle away from the fretboard. When you compress the rod, it will want to straighten out. So, the hump helps provide leverage to swing the ends downward and the middle upwards.

-- joe

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