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Neck pocket question


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I'm in the designing phase of my first guitar now, and I have a small question about the neck pocket.

Is the neck pocket slightly wider at the body end of the pocket compared to the neck end?

If so, does anyone know the exact measurements?

I'm building a Strat-ish guitar, and I will probably be using an ordered neck.


- Erico

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yes it is

and no because I dont know the exat dimensions of your neck

you build the neck and use the neck as a the judge of the neck pocket dimensions.

you really need to get a good book _ Hiscocks build your own guitar- this and several other books will help you get started. you must have some sortr of idea of what you are getting into beofre yoy build a guiatr.



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oh... since you are using a premade neck... order it first so that ou can use the actual dimensions of that neck to plan your guitar- and more specifically the neck pocket- on a related note... HAVE ALL OF YOUR HARDWARE WHILE PLANNING AND BEFORE BILDING...I stress this because it may save you from dissaster- plan based upon what you have not upon some specs of what the nut or bridge or neck should be.


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Why not build the whole thing, neck and all. If you have time check out the tutorial I did on building a strat at my site. Click on my link below and go to Making of A Strat if you want to see it. Good Luck on your project!!

Matt Vinson


First of all, I've read your tutorial and it's awesome.

Problem is, I live in Norway, and the cost of getting a template from guitarbuildingtemplates.com would be pretty high, if they even ship to Norway.

Therefore, I have to do the planning myself, which is why I don't have the guts to start building a neck for my first project.

But, rather than ordering a neck, I've unscrewed my Squier neck from my old cheapocaster, and I will use that one for the first guitar.

Perhaps I'll build a neck of my own later.

(I have to say, it wasn't a large width difference! Only about 2mm!)

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