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Why the angled bridge?


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Hi everyone, first time poster here!

I was just wondering something. When calculating the bridge position for a tune-o-matic type, I can't find anything explaining the 'angle' of the low E side?

The calculations for the bridge based on the scale and position of the 12th fret make sense to me, but why on a Les Paul for instance, is the low E post always a bit further away? Should I be concerned about this? I'm about to cut my first blank.


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If you look at the saddle positions on any bridge, or the slant of an accoustic bridge, you'll notice that the bass side always requires more compensation than the treble. Compensation is extra length over and above the scale length which allows the string to stay in tune when it is stretched by fretting, and as noted above, bass strings require more extra length than trebles.

The tune-a-matic bridge has a fairly small range of adjustment, so it is common practice to offset the bass side to allow enough compensation to be added to the bass strings.

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Cool, thanks!

So I guess there isn't a 'standard' set measurement? I should be ok with maybe a bit less than a 1/4"?

What I do is install the stoptail, then sit the bridge in poistion between the stoptail and the bridge pickup, adjutsting the action with paper/cardboard shims. I adjust the treble saddle 2/3rds of the way forwards, then slide the bridge until the intoation is perfect on the high E. I then wiggle the bridge until the low E intonates in the centre of it's range, and the strings are centred over the polepieces. Once I've found the right position I mark the bridge location and install the studs.

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