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Fender Neck Measurements


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A Fender neck is either made up of 3/4" maple with a 1/4" fingerboard.. or since they use traditional truss rods a one piece 1" maple. The way I would do it if I was wanting a maple neck and fingerboard is use a dual action truss rod and a 3/4" maple piece for the neck and 1/4" maple for the fingerboard. So basically, of that 3/4" maple that is at the headstock you will measure from back of headstock 1/2" all the way around the headstock, and it will be cut there after it's turned over with a bandsaw, like so.


Thus, the front of the headstock will have 3/4"-1/2"=1/4" taken off of it. But if you was to measure from the fingerboard which adds another 1/4" you'd end up with 1/2" total drop that your describing.. Hope this helps..

Matt Vinson

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