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Neck Through Blanks


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With the neck through blanks available through stew mac and carvin, is it possible to construct the guitar with a neck angle so a tune o matic bridge can be used? I was thinking that the body wings would have to be glued on an angle, but wouldn't that created a weird gap on the bottom of the guitar?

as well, is it possible to put a bookmatched figured wood top on, i reason this would require routing the top, but how would one route around the neck?

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I heard the stewmac and carvin thru-neck blanks are the same, and they don't have an angle. I think they are maple, so you could put a cap on the back of the blank to make up for the extra thickness required for the angle the wings would be at.

but how would one route around the neck?

You'd have to make up a jig to hold your templates up above the fingerboard, I'd say.

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