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split single coil guitar pickups


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AFAIK G&L is the only place that has pups like that. They don't sell them from their online store, but -don't- let that stop you!

I just special ordered some G&L pickups for a bass I'm working on through a local G&L dealer. It was difficult at times, but the whole thing works out. It just takes a while.

G&L has a list of dealers on its site. Make sure it's a G&L dealer, not just a Tribute dealer. Call them, let them know what you want to special order, and they can call G&L and get back to you on a price. You tell them to go ahead (if you can afford it; the bass humbuckers weren't too bad at $80 each), and they'll order the pickups. They arrive some period of time later, and you pick them up and pay for them!

Like I said, it can take a while. G&L can be a bit flaky ( I was told 7-10 days, and it ended up being about a month) but they came through for me in the end. I say go for it; it'll be a great experiment in sound.

The list of dealers is here, and you can address any questions about the guitars themselves at www.guitarsbyleo.com.

Good luck, and keep us updated! :D

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