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You could build a simple resistive mixer with a JFET source follower or an opamp buffer, but it might be problematic building it quiet enough for recording purposes. Or you can get a Behringer UB802 for about $60.00 - and it works right straight out of the box. You probably can't buy the parts for a decent mixer for much less than that, and that's not counting a power supply and a shielded housing.

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:D OK, here are some links:

Simple Mixer Schematics

yMixer - 6 channel active mixer

High Quality Sound Mixer

Mini Mixer Project

AMZ Online Projects - (scroll down to the mixer project.)

I think you're still missing my point - there is almost no way you can build an inexpensive mixer that is quiet enough to use for recording for the same price that a manufacturer can sell you one for. All of the projects I've listed are going to be fairly difficult to build to low-noise recording standards unless you've got a lot of experience. Yo, unless you're doing it for braggin' rights, or you don't care much about the quality of your recordings, I really don't see any point in building one yourself. B)

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A patchbay is basically a box with a panel of normalized jacks that lets you quickly connect several pieces of equipment together using patch cords to connect inputs to outputs. It's just an easy way to reconfigure your signal path without disconnecting all the separate pieces of equipment. It's just like an old telephone switchboard, back when a human operator manually routed each call by plugging in a cord to the jack that corresponded to the desired extension.

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