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S/S/81 wiring


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I have been loking all over the net for a logical wiring diagram for a S/S/81 (EMG) setup. EMG only seems to provide certain combinations in their pdfs and I was wondering if anyone can direct me to a suitable diagram. I known this may have been brought up before, and if so, please direct me to the post in question (i don't mean for someone to do all the work for me, I have been spending all day searching with no real fruit).

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Thanks for that. Unfortunately, I now have a new problem. I have wired each pickup to be turned on with an individual switch (each pickup can be turned on or off individually). However, only the neck pickup seems to function without the battery connnected. With the battery connected, there is enhanced sound, but turning off the neck pickup only reverts it to its unpowered sound.

Thought this might be helpful:


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