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router table

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Yes I just finished making mine.

What I did was purchase two pieces of steel stock the same diameter as the holes for the edge guide, along with 4 pipe straps. This is a semi-permanent mount though since you have to flip the table top and unscrew the pipe clamps to get the rods (and router) back off the top.

Other than that most commercial router top tables will accept a standard router (I was more interested in a custom table top myself).

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yeh i made one about a year ago. i used a maple vennered ply with maple edges about 2' x 3' and built a frame out of heavy yellow pine that i got from an old barn. i attached the router to a piece of corian that is 1/4 thick that was square and i recessed it into the top of the table so that it was flush. then i made a fence out of red oak and attached it with two carraige bolts that i can adjust by losening the wing nuts on the back of the fence. its kinnda like a router table meets shaper table but it works great and looks great! and its very very strong!

ps i will post a pic if you want me to

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