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Veneered top


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Summary ...

I have a test of my veneering ability (see link).

Edges are uneven, slight gaps filled with shellac are visible between some pieces.

Veneer Test Guitar

Take a look and offer me your opinion:

1- inlay brass strips (on end) along the edges of the veneers

2- rip it all off, lay down a nice Nigerian Satinwood veneer on it

3- do whatever, but throw some thick glassy poly on it and call it a win

4- leave it alone & move on to the other projects piling up

5- other

-- joe

Backstory ...

I found a Silverton SFB1 body on eBay a while back for very little $$.

( silvertone fastback pic from their website = http://www.silvertoneguitar.com/sv/images/sfb1.jpg )

The blue/black stained veneer top was cracked, missing a spot, and the guitar had been dropped on its end (crunched up the binding a bit).

So -- test guitar time!

I worked out a pattern, worked out the sequence of veneers (from the pile I had) and went to work.

I left the binding in place and cut veneer against paper templates, then cut+fit it on the body. All less-than-efficient moves, looking back.

Lots of mistakes - (long list, will post lessoned learned someday).

I then spent a lot of time shellac'ing (rubbing, brushing, sanding, etc.)

And -- then I got to thinking, so I posted here.

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I really like the pattern. I think you should try the brass idea. That would look really great inlaid. The pictures don't look that bad, so it's hard to see much in the way of gaps.

The brass would be a nice divider for the wood. But, that is my opinion and not necessarily what others would do. :D

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I am also thinking the multi-veneers are a bit busy.

The gaps don't show up when you're a few feet away. But, if you're close then you'll see the places where I messed up :-)

I'm definitely trying the brass strips in between the veneer - just to see.

Worst case, its no worse off but a wee bit more "busy"

-- joe

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