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GHS Mini-flex

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I am looking for a more natural sound from my acoustic than the soundhole pickup gives, so I ordered a GHS mini-flex microphone. Has anyone here ever installed one? It looks pretty strait forward, but any tips tricks or hints would be appreciated. I did a search and came up with nothing, so am I the first? (I would find that very hard to believe)

Thanks in advance,


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There should be installation instructions with it, but even without it shouldn't be hard. If there is already an end jack even easier. If not tape the wood at the area where the endpin is( after removing the pin!) and drill the proper hole through the tape to avoid tearout, or use a reamer. :D

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Just an update. The mic arrived today and took a total of 10 minutes to install. It is a really nice product, and the battery is included. Installation is a snap, and there is enough flexibility in the microphone to place it just about anywhere in the guitar. Feedback is an issue, but playing with the placement of the mic, and a soundhole cover took care of that. Overall I have to say i am really pleased, the sound is very natural, much better than a soundhole pickup.


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