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Building A Seven String Gtr

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Hey there !

I am planning in building a 7 string guitar soon.

I am doing the project of the neck at the moment, and was wondering if it's necessary to insert next to the truss rod , 2 carbon bars, I see them in many projects here. Will that make it harder eventually in the neck setting with the truss rod?


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What type of neck wood are you using???

How thin are you planning your neck profile???

These things determine the need of carbon inserts.

If you're using exotic wood next to an ultra thin neck profile I would consider carbon inserts. If your using maple with regular neck profile (LP, Universe type profile), I don't see the need for inserts. You see them more often in bass necks. In longer profile it adds strength.

Having said that, ....using carbon adds to coolness factor of guitar built of course. ;-)

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Well I am using a neck made of exotic wood SEE PIC (don't really know the name, I think is Bangakiray....or something like it....the guy ho sold it to me told the name, but really not too sure), laminated with mohogany thin strips. I made a 4 string bass neck with the same wood, and it's quite sturdy, I had to slighly tighten the rod 2 time in 4 months, but no big bowing anyhow.

I am planning a ultra thin neck, like my Ibanez S ( Frank Gambale model ), probably the thinnest neck I ever played with, that will be fun to make :D !


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