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National Steel Body Guitars

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Does anyone have or know where i can get hold of the plans to a national steel body.Stewmac used to do them but have now discontinued.Ive tried looking around but no luck yet so im hopeing someone here may have made one in the past and could help me with a copy of the plans.

Im Adam by the way.It looks pretty good round here so i may post a little more often.

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You could also try sifting through Brad's Page of Steel.

So, you're planning on building your own metal body? Steel or brass? Donmo has made some surprisingly good looking resonators out of galvanized steel. I assume most of the original National was stamped, drawn, and die cut. It would be difficult to accurately duplicate that.

Yes i dont think it going to be easy but im going to give it a good go.I wanted to do something different rather than just another acoustic.Im going to use brass and if all goes well im going to have it all engraved with maybe a nice picture of someone like Son House or something with alot of scrolly work.Then have is all chromed or gold plated.

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