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Locking String Retainers/clamps

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Does anyone have a good source for a locking string retainer? I'm not looking for a locking nut, but rather something that mounts on the headstock behind the nut, with screws to lock the strings down. Preferably one with 6 screws (one for each string), like the string retainer that came with the old 80s-vintage Washburn Wonderbar trem.

There are two different kinds of locking string clamps @ Allparts (see one below), but they lock the strings down in pairs (3 set screws). I've not been able to find any others.




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I have some of the ones that came with some Kahlers. They are the kind where the lock block is underneath. That way the lock unit acts as its own string retainer, pulling the strings down through it. Then the lock doesn't throw it out of tune either like a top clamp can if it spins. They shouldn't be hard to find. I'm sure there are tons of used ones out there in other techs parts bins from Floyd nut conversions. If you can't find any let me know. I think I have both chrome and black.

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Thanks Frank. The Kahler version is the other locking string clamp that Allparts sells.

Anyone know of any other kinds out there?

My devious plan is not to use it with a trem, but actually to clamp down the strings on a headless guitar neck and use a Schaller hardtail bridge with fine tuners to bring the strings up to tune. Same idea as on my travel guitar, bring the strings close to pitch by pulling on them with pliers, then clamp them down and do the rest with the fine tuners.

The problem is, this doesn't work if you are clamping the strings down 2 at a time, you need to do them 1 at a time (can't very well pull 2 strings to pitch together...). So I really need one like on the old Washburn Wonderbar trem system, one that allows you to clamp down 1 string at a time (6 set screws).

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Bring the strings close to pitch by pulling on them with pliers.....




Believe me, it works great! Picture it...just enough "headstock" to hold the locking string retainer behind the nut. Thread the string through, then grab the end from behind the neck with needlenose pliers. Use the end of the 'headstock' as a lever fulcrum to pull the string up to pitch. You'd be surprised, you can actually hold it within a few cents of pitch by hand, long enough to reach over with your other hand and lock down the string with an Allen wrench. The fine tuners take care of the rest. No tuning keys necessary.

But...it does require the proper locking string clamp. I used up my only 6-banger on the travel guitar, now I need more!

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If there is no tuner (or anything else for that matter) to actually hold the string won't it simply slide through the locking clamp?

I know on my Lo-TRS equipped RG, if I slacken a string behind the locked nut, it will (slowly) go out of tune, as the string starts to slip.

If the string is tuned to full tension using the tuners, the clamp keeps it from "moving" too much.

Your idea has nothing to hold the string at that tension...

I don't think there is enough force in just the clamps to hold the string in place.

Or am I missing something...?

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