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Olive Tree Anyone?

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Hey ya'll,

Just back from two weeks vacation in the south of France. Everywhere I went in the tourist (trap) sort of shops over there, there was tons of things like bowls, cups, picture frames etc... made out of this wonderfully figured wood. turns out it was olive wood. Since you see olive trees EVERYWHERE down there I decided to get myself a bit of it for experimentation's sake. That was a bit hard to find but i did in the end.

I'm now researching olive trees and instruments on the net and the only references I find is that its one of the many woods that can be used in making wooden flutes. One site defines its tone as "open sound". The ONLY guitar related place i've seen it on the net is here See the "Marleaux M Bass 5" link. That's all the info I can find on it. Even Marleaux's website is no help.

I'd like to use this wood as a top wood (and maybe back wood) on a multiple-ply bass body consisting of a mahogany core.

So, does anyone here ever worked with olive tree wood or know of sites or other instruments that were built with it?

Any help is appreciated.

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My local wood supply company has it available.




"Decorative wood coming from Olive trees. The wood is middlebrown with dark vains. Cause the trees are used in the first place to grow olives, they are often small and stompy. Bigger size massif wood is therefore hardly available. Due to the branch growth, some very interesting markings will develop in the wood. It's faily hard wood with reasonable workability. Can be sanded down to very smooth surface.

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Olive wood is a very dense and oily wood with more moves than a high school cheerleading squad. You wouldn't believe the amount of movement that Olive wood exhibits!!!!!....... You can joint and plane a board and the next day it could be twisted and far from flat! It is definately not "instrument grade" wood. Even when kiln dried, the radial and tangential movement is too great.....although a veneer layer for a top or back should pose few or no problems. If you are a wood turner, it is great for bowls and such...it will take a glass-like polish.

......I remember seeing an awesome entryway table a few years ago that was built using olive veneer....but it was veneer.

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