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Mighty Mite Tele-style Neck

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I got one off eBay at a seller's "buy it now" price. If I had it to do over (which I don't) I may not have gotten it. But I got it. And am gonna go ahead and use it for my first Tele-Project.

If any of you are familiar with Mighty Mite Necks especially with regard to their finishes, I have a couple questions.

(1) This neck was listed as a "satin" finish and that's what it looks like. But it seems really on the "thin" side of things. Like it's more of a basic sealer....almost bare wood. Would I do well to sand it down & apply more finish?

(2) And if I were to do so, what should I use? (I forgot to mention that it's a one-piece---with no fretboard---Maple). Actually it's a very good looking chunk of wood! with a semi-bird's-eye swirl (as my digital camera needs to get downloaded & running, sorry)!

*Bonus Questions*

(3) I'm Newbie at all this, btw. Theoretically speaking, from all I've been reading, Maple (especially of the Northern Hard variety, which this neck is) doesn't accept any kinds of stains. Q: Is there anything I could use to "enhance" those Xtra-cool quasi-bird's-eyes in the wood's grain? I ask this as these "swirls/bird's-eyes" are almost an Orange in color that I'm not so fond of and won't match my other guitar color schemes.

(4) I'd actually like to put some real-hard (well-sealing) finish on it. Glossy, shiny & thick. So given all of the above stuff, what do you think???

Signed with a thanx-in-advance,



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Okay, I have no MM neck experience, but I can answer several of the questions.

1) Without seeing the neck I can't be sure, but this sounds like the neck finish on most Fenders. Usually less finish is better than more, but you can strip it and put on your own finish, heavy if you like, but: You will need to strip and finish the whole neck to get it to look very even. If you just do the back it will be hard to hide the section where it transisions to the original. Id leave it, but if you do strip: 2) I'd but a few cans of gloss laquer. Available many places, just be aware of it's fumes and thus potential to explode if sparked. Check out the various titorials and threads.

3) Where did you come to the conclusion that you couldn't stain maple? It is one of the easiest and most commonly stained woods. On to 4), it sounds like you want a polyurethane finish, which can be sprayed on or brushed on. It will be hard, thick and fairly glossy, but it can be a pain sanding thick coats down. Good luck and get some photos.

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The Mighty Mite necks are the Korean Fender Squire necks. They have a "sanding sealer" on them that is also useable as a satin finish. It is a perfect base for future coats, because it has sealed the pores of the wood so your gloss coats can be applied with less effort, and they will be smoother. They also will not sink into the wood grains over time. If you want to stain the wood you have to completely remove all the finish. This will be nearly impossible on the fretboard without a refret. That's the only way you can apply stain that will affect the birdseyes or any of the grain for that matter. The Alternate approach is to have some tint in the clear. If you want a vintage amber or orangish color you have to put it in the clear, or buy pre-tinted clear from someone like Reranch.com. It will take most finishes over the top, even Nitro. Just be sure to leave the finish very satiny and rough sanded for good adhesion. That sealer can get pretty shiny if you play the guitar or wipe it down a lot.

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I hope I'm not breaking any of the PG "Rules" in posting this pic (as it shows who I bought it from on eBay). It's all I have to offer, right now.


Here you can see how the "quasi-bird's-eye" has an orangish color. The neck was advertised as: "L'IL Flaming Maple Tele Neck"....

And I can't remember where I read (or heard) that Maple doesn't accept stain very well. I just heard it someplace.

Btw, thanx!

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frank falbo-

This is the same Mighty Mite Tele-style neck that you advized me about a week or so ago (re: the neck heel width is slightly too big for the Musikraft body I have). That dark spot by the nut is a small knot (which I knew about) and bought the neck anyway. It's the only slight-defect in the neck's wood itself.

Given all the feedback you & DannoG have given me; I've decided to leave the neck as is. At least for now. Though I still don't really like the slight orangish color of the grain-swirls; it probably wouldn't be worth all the work I'd have to do to stain (refinish) them another color. Though I'm still undecided how I want to finish the body...and may be able to "match" the neck's existing colors some way.

I just got (from PG's "own" Universal_Jems) a: "Luthier's Best Friend" (head worn luthier's goggles/ magnifying glasses. And used them too take a closer look at the finish on this neck. Peeking at the (above) machinehead holes, I can now see that the finish is "thicker" than I had thought. I can see some penetration of the wood and/or the finish's thickness. It looks adequate enuf as I'm comparing it to the only other neck finishing I've done---on a Carvin Bolt-On Kit neck I did about 4 years ago.

Iow, his neck looks "sealed" well-enuf and the finish appears thick-enuf to be just fine as it is. Unless I decide I can't do the current color of these "neck-swirls"....Will inform when I get this Project actually-to-going (as I'm still getting other parts, etc.).

Thanx again!

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