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well, one of my pickups is dead to the point where i just don't feel like fixing it (it wasn't that good as it was...), but that means my three pickup strat is down to 2...

i was looking for a couple ways to wire the switch so i could get a few more options out of it. say, pos 1 = both pups, pos 2 = neck only, pos 3 = both with neck out of phase, pos 4 = both with mid out of phase, pos 5 = mid only.

yes, in case you haven't guessed, my bridge pup is the one that's gone. which i'm fine with. i need a new set soon anyway. these just don't have the balls i'm looking for.

anywho, i don't know how the poles on the switch work or where they go to or anything, so if someone could take a look at that and see if its doable, that'd be awesome. i know the out of phase ones are a little strange, but i couldn't think of something to put in there and i don't want to get another switch unless i buy a pre-wired pickup set.

thanks in advance!

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that's what i thought. they're only single-coils, but i had no idea what else i could do other than a, a+b, and b, so i just threw some crap in.

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