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Marina Guitar Question


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A client has brought me in a marina guiatr for customisation. He also wanted some background information on it, Ive not been able to find anything on it anywhere (Im not really all that good at surfin the net) the guitar is a marina g-100 or f-100. Looks more like an f though. the pickups are marked marina and are in s/s/h comfiguration, there are seperate switches for each pickup. there is also a non locking floyd rose type trem, althogh i dont know if it is genuine or copied as there are no markings on it. The neck is horrifically fat, with what looks like a pale rosewood fretboard. interestingly there is a locking nut and a plastic nut. If anyone can help me find out what sort of age and value this guitar would be id be most grateful. Im guessing early-mid eighties, and not terribly valuable, but im just guessing. Id post a pic, but it never works an ive given up trying to post pics. B):D

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i've seen some marina strat copies.. they were cheap and pretty low quality.

and if i remember right, they also had big necks with maple fingerboards.

(big neck is definetly a positive thing if you ask me)..

still i think it's not a valuable guitar to begin with..

damn my english is crappy.. :D

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i didnt think so either, im thinking its more mid 80's, cos the paint is white (under the neck plate etc at least, the rest is now cream!) sparkle. the body is strat shaped but has a (very useful actually) scallop in the bottom cutaway on the front face. the headstock looks like a jackson. its actually quite a nice guitar. does anyone know how to post pics on this forum btw. ive tried having them hosted in several places but they never work

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