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Truss Rod To Correct Rattles

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I have a neck that is installed with a shim under the heel to give it a bit of upwards action.The frets were leveled not under tension.Yet I have slight rattles up to the 12th fret.I gave my truss rod a turn to give a little upbow and the rattles are gone.Is this a correct way of fixing the problem?

My neck and fingerboard were perfectly flat.

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Yes, a forward bow causing a gap around the 7th fret from .002"-.015" is usually needed on all guitars. The ones with standard type fret-work (not leveled under tension) are usually the ones that need the most forward bow.

Also, when not leveled under tension, it's good if some down-ramping (a.k.a : fallaway) is put into the upper frets to keep that area low after the neck gets tension on it. Having the neck leveled under tension usually puts a more perfected amount of down-ramping into the board, just by leveling the whole board flat in that position.

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