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What Wire Do I Use When Wiring Pickups And Pots?


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i don't know a lot about gauges and such but i buy radio shack's smallest multi-strand wire and it works fine. it comes with red, black and green insulation and is pre-packaged with a spool of each for just a couple of bucks.

hope this helps a little.

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...please just tell me what i need to know!
:D Somebody here probably already has:


2 pages, and that's just searching for wire in the post title. Search the entire post, and you get 26 pages!


You generally use either shielded cable or anything between 18 and 24 AWG hookup wire - some prefer stranded wire, while others are sold on solid core. And some even think that exotic wire, like oxygen-free copper or silver, sounds better. For shielded cable, Belden and George L are pretty common, although there are a lot of other good cables available that are worth a look. For more info, don't hesitate to use the search engine. B)

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