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Neck Woods And Fretboards

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Hello feylya, I am a rookie myself, but I would think that Brazlian Mohagany would be fine. Especially if you have an approprate truss rod.

Also don't know if there is anything special about a 7 string as far as the scale length goes, but if you are doing a standard scale length, any of the vendors such as Stewart-Mac. or Warmoth or Allparts sells pre-slotted and radiused fret boards for the standard scale lengths. And the one I bought from Stewart-Mac for my Strat copy should be plenty wide enough for a seven string to give you room to shape it down to your neck width.

As for the cheapest, I am not sure, but I bought a 25 1/2 scale, 22 fret,Rosewood, pre-slotted fretboard from Stewart-Mac, and I had to sand down about an 1/8" or more on each side to get my fret board shaped to my neck. So that should work fine for a seven string I would think. This fretboard was about $21.00.

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