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Printing From Turbocad

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I have a question regarding the printing of .dxf files downloaded from guitarbuild.com.

Today, I saved a .dxf file to disk thinking I would go to Kinkos and have them printout the file on a plotter. I know if I open the file on my home maching it tells me it is set to regular paper. Some files seem to print on anywhere from 8-16 pages, but I am scared I will misallign when taping together. However, I must not have resized the drawing correctly because the printout was small on a huge sheet of paper.

Can someone explain to me what I need to do to properly format so that my next trip to kinkos is not a waste.


Hope I used the correct forum

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hey,i did a search and found this..wich isnt helpfull :D

but i have a few templates i want to print out,

my software is turboCAD 2d v6.5

how would i be able to make it print out in the proper scale?

i'm planing on just sticking them to gethor on a peice of ply or some other template material


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If the drawing is drawn to scale. It should be a simple matter of printing it 1-1(1 unit in model= 1 unit on paper). If you choose any scale to fit feature it will not be correct. Also watch out for smaller printers that scale all prints off a few percent(like 1-3%). That is built into some printers software. A large format plotter should not have that issue. You should ask the person working at the print house to give you a hand making sure the printer settings are correct(you could be set correctly in CAD but the printer is not set correctly). If all else fails you can send the drawing to someone who can PDF it to the proper size sheet.


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