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Peghead Reamer


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Being a hobbyist builder, I've had some cheap tools and some expensive ones but there are those items you use maybe once every 2 years or so and in my looking for a peghead reamer in my Stewmac Catalog (which were pricey) I found a General Tools

T-Handle Reamer for 14 bucks at Home Depot that did the job admirably. I thought I'd pass this on to other builders or Newbies out there that may be building one of those economy Kits that take cheapo vintage style tuning machines. Ya see, They drilled the machine holes a little too small and My first thought was to drill them out, which I may have done had it not been for remembering back to my first try back in the day and the hole came out too large and needed to be filled and re-drilled. I just thought I'd throw this out there, Having been there, done that before.

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