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  1. Actually, I'd just like to give it a see-thru Black lacquer however, I haven't been able to find it anywhere in a spray can. It doesn't have any special grain or nuthin, I just wanted the ease of use that a spray can affords! I do one-offs all very different so didn't want to spend much on it.
  2. I've got a basswood body I want to stain Black to show the grain, What do you guys use as a wash coat to keep the basswood from soaking up stain unevenly?
  3. It is a Vox Student Model. They had a huge run back in the 60's and they're powered by radio tubes that are or were readily available back then but Now, Not so much. I'm going to try and build on what they have in it but with a 12AX7 and a 6V6 IF they will operate with the current electronics or get someone to mod it with easily obtained tubes of todays amps. I wanted to throw the Idea out here to see if anyone knew of any mods before moving onto more drastic measures.
  4. I've been scanning the web for any mods for this cool little amp to no avail. They are not easy to find but at the moment It's been having a hard time cranking the way it used to. I replaced the tubes with direct replacement tubes but it still has trouble. If any of you have any ideas about modding this little beast I'd be interested in hearing what you think.
  5. Quite a while back I remember someone on this board building this style guitar w/Water beads custom paint that was superb.
  6. Thanx Fellas. Finishing is NOT my strong suit however, I've had it my mind to shade it with Aerosol Mahogany Toner to get a sunburst top. It's 3 piece Basswood so It's gotta have a colorant because Let's face it, it's not a pretty wood. I'll be patching her up prior to completion but thats the plan and I have been planning a little bit ahead. I usually fly seat of the pants making mods as I go but this one I want to turn out good.
  7. Check it out here Here's a brief look.
  8. I'm starting a new build and whilst cutting the neck pocket my Jig slid and left me with an unsightly groove at the heel. Unless you guys come up with something ingenious I'm gonna just cut in a small layer patch in that area. I just realized I don't have my pics online anywhere to show the damage. Maybe soon I can sign on with picbucket or something.
  9. http://www.craft-supplies.co.uk/pdf/craft-...d_catalogue.pdf Craft Supplies have this PDF that includes many guitar parts and they're in the UK. I haven't ordered from them but have looked at this before and they have some very nice stuff, by the look of it.
  10. I know I'd appreciate it BIG time If somebody knew where to buy PRS parts as that's the first thing I'd Buy would be the Bridge since they're so nice but as I thought BiggD asked was where to get a Replication of the PRS bridge and everyone has suggested alternatives for them Nothing exact is available. The alternatives are many since the first SG's and some LP's used the one piece bridge like those. You'd think that somebody would have made their own castings of a similar bridge but they forget that the PRS bridges are not adjustable for intonation EXACTY like the the original 1 piece bridg
  11. You can only buy the bridge by purchasing a PRS as they aren't liscenced for aftermarket production.
  12. Allparts have these on hand for $45. American. They look like what "Fool" used.
  13. Lookin sweet Drak. How did ya get in to cut the control plate out? Slot it and cut it with a scroll saw? How about the large top holes? are they gonna get the fill-in with colored epoxy? Sorry, So many questions. I'm diggin this alot!
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