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nickel plated look...

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Hi! I'm a complete newbie here, so maybe there's already a topic 'bout my request.

Anyway, I just got my 80's Lespaul. The guitar is all in a vintage look :D but still the hardware looks brand new as it's in chrome-plated. Does anyone know how to make it look 'vintage'?

I'm about to 'work' it with extra thin glass wool and polish. But I may need experience from you people! (no regret about the hardware it's a LAWSUIT one.... B) )

Thanx to anyone who could help!!!!

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I am the "self proclaimed resident RELIC expert"

There are a few different ways of doing what you want, depending on the degree of "ageing" you want to achieve

I would recomend getting a picture of what you want it to look like, and I can give you better detail

I also recomend NOT trying it yourself, at least not on hardware that has some value!

It has taken me YEARS tro figure out how to do it the right way & I can't tell you HOW many pieces I destroyed in the process

I am happy to help in any way if you want to send me an e-mail with a picture

Dave K

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Thanks for the "WARNING", Dave....(maybe I don't really know what I get involved in... :D ) The aged style I try to simulate should give a "matt-look" to the hardware, something the chrome couldn't give even 20 years after of HARD HEAVY rock on it. (I send you pics).

By the way thanx for your help!!!!


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