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Yeah i've done lots of wood working and all and I finished my first FROM scratch electric guitar (FLYING V) that i need to find the electronics for. I was given a box of 2 humbuckers, some screws, etc.

I need a list of the stuff that I need to buy to get this guitar up and ready. (for example, the OUTPUT JACK)

Can anyone give me a list, or another link that would answer my question?

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For the electronics, if you have pickups and pickup screws, the rest that comes to mind is:

soldering iron

wire stripplers

that electricians tape stuff


solder (although there is a certain type recommended, cant remember what it is)

pots (500K recommended for humbucker, 2 of them one volume and one tone usually)

5 or 3 way selector switch for selecting the pickups

nuts and washers

knobs for the pots

screws for the pickup switch (if its a 5 way, if 3 way then i think its just nuts and washers again)

output jack socket

output jack plate with screws

pickguard of rear cavity cover

conductive paint or foil to shield the cavity areas

i think thats most things you'll need, some other people may be able to suggest more things. Hope that helps.

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