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Another Gun / Compressor Question


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Hi All,

This is my first post to this forum but I have been reading this forum for a while. Great forums btw. I have a question regarding spray gun and compressor requirements. I searched the net and these forums and still there is one point that I am not clear about. Here is goes. I want to buy a spray gun and a compressor. I know that you have to match the guns cfm requirements with the compressors cfm for continues operation. eg. SATAJET RP DIGITAL 2 requires 10.3 cfm at 29PSI so the compressor has to deliver at least 10.3 cfm at 29psi, now if I have a compressor that delivers 8.8 cfm & 40psi (21g tank) and I use it with this gun will the gun get its required 10.3 cfm at 29psi and the compressor will have to refill the tank once in a while? or is the compressor totally not capable of producing 10.3 at 29 psi and I will have to spray at lower cmf? Also if it is the case that this compressor is capable of producing 10.3 cfm at 29psi aprox. how long will it take before the compressor has to refill the tank?


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just got a spray gun and from my wisdom or lack of... you need a mamoth compressor to run some of the nicer guns. LGM will step in here, I got a menards gravity feed gun and a 25g compressor and it should be ok for me. I wanted the good stuff but can't drop 500 on a compressor now.

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If you're spraying with the RP digital 2 (nice choice by the way, surprising that you choose that one if it's your first gun though, they're not cheap) you will want to run 40PSI at your water trap / pressure gauge in the booth (or compressor outlet)

Then you will reduce your pressure at the gun so the read out is about 12PSI for Poly Urethanes, maybe 9 or 10 for Laquers.

8.8cfm should keep up fine, with a guitar body you'll only be spraying for about 1 minute with that gun and you'll be done the sides, top and back one coat. Then you have to wait for the paint to flash anyway so the tanks can refill. As for how long to wait for the tanks to fill, that totally depends on the HP of your compressor and how fast it will refill them. I really don't know how fast your compressor will fill.

Now, if you HAVEN'T bought your gun yet, I would suggest something like the Sata Minijet III over the RP digital if you're just doing guitars (and not a huge number of them) I do a lot of bikes and such and I use my RP digital ONLY for clear. It works great for everything, but I would never put primers or metallics in that gun. The minijet III isn't digital, but unless you are spraying heavy pearls, metallics, or Kandy's, the digital isn't really necessary (it's not necessary for those either, it's just nice to know your exact pressure as you can end up with color variations with different pressures when spraying the previously mentioned paints)

For the same cost as the RP Digital you can probably buy 2 nice guns (like the sata minijets) and have one for color and one for clear. I really recommend having a gun dedicated for clear coats if you can afford it.

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Thanks a lot for the replays. I did not buy anything yet. The reason I want to go for high end gun is that usually I pick a tool in the value line and soon after I spend more money on the proffessional tool because I want something better, so it really ends up costing more.

Here is what I will probably get:

Sata Minijet




air filter/regulator

to be reasearched

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i have that compressor; thankfully there's a harbor frieght near me, so i just drove over and bought it. it hasn't given me any hassle yet.

i'm a little unclear on the psi thing that was posted; i didn't know that you run 40 psi at the tank, but less at the gun. i've been running 40 psi everywhere. more info, please!


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