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Wood Cracks

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Hi all,

I bought a wile ago some zebrawood lumber....the guy at the mill told me (as usual) that the woods super dry, no fears......

Well, i put the lumber in the garage for a week, waxed the edges with paraffine, just in case... you know.

After that i glued a 3 piece laminate body blank, and let it sit there for 3 days.

I cut and ruted the shape of the guitar body, i rubbed some red oil on the body, and brought the body blank home, to make it acclimatize with the home ambient.

Kept it there for 2 week...no problem, body looking good, no bending or stuff.

after these two weeks, they turned the heating in the building, raising drasticly the temperature (and humidity percent much lower as a consequence) of the apartments of 4 or 5 C° .

Well surprize !!! THIS is what happend in 2 days !

80 $ lumber cracked on me, it started one small crack, now after a week from the temperature change, I have 2 crack, much bigger, and a strange blank movement in one of the glue joints (like opening slightly).

Now what would you do?

- Let it sit a month at least from now, and see what happens to it?

- Fill the cracks with a blend of vinil glue, dark fine saw dust to make it pasty, and press it in as much as possible as a filler?

- Throw away everything cause you are just wasting your time, wood will keep on cracking with the following months!

All feedback is welcome, experienced or not, I appricite it !


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well, how much will they clamp together??? if you can clamp it together, which i dont even think you could with that close the the round edge and such, i would take a tooth pick with glue, and clamp the sh!t outta it

But hey, I am just a newbie builder, working on a second one (where the first one failed miserably)


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well you asked what i'd do in your shoes so here goes. when i get cracks like that i usually take a two part clear epoxy, mix it up with a bit of sawdust and then force it well into the cracks with a small plastic squeegie like you get in a fiber glass kit. in fact i've used fiber glass epoxy on occasion. (hint..mix your sawdust in before you add the hardener to maintain your open time)

then go ahead and cut your body to shape and let it acclimate again for a few days to see if the cracks re-appear or worsen. if they do put a little more epoxy in. it's very unlikely that the cracks will get so bad as to ruin the body.

good luck with it.

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Thanks ,

No way I can clamp the body, it's all round ....so I will give that paste fill a try.

You are talking of epoxy glue or resin?

I am not experienced with epoxy, but I'll try to get a hold of that glue, since vinil glue tends to srink a lot during drying process.

I'll let you know how it works out, it may be usefull for others in future.


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