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Hi Folks,

I need to replace some worn out push pulls on a JS series, and Im thinking of redoing some of the wiring and maybe getting a new switch.

I havent been looking at parts and guitar making stuff for quite a while so I was wondering if people could reccomend their favourite pots and switches.

Think Ill go have a look in stewmac.. now that I think of it

Thanks for any advice!


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second thoughts im going to pull the whole wiring out... and start from scratch... going to try come up with some plans with two push pulls and a three way.... hmmmm ...

I notice stews do some really expensive shielded circuit wire and some 'retro' wire now too. I just want some good quality stuff... And I think that they look a bit over kill. Any opinions? If thats whats best then I dont mind paying for it.

seems like its been a while sicen i wired a guitar from scratch

been a year or more since i was last on this forum anyway ... im really ssupprised and delighted by how much it has grown!!


ps if anyone can point me to novel or interesting wiring options for a two humbucker id be very grateful

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