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Capacitors and tone


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Lately I've been interested in seeing what and how these little overlooked and relatively inexpensive parts really do improve on tone.

So far I've found most people blame a set of pickups and go through the expense of switching them out when if they just changed the cap out on their tone knob they could improve the performance and sound without all of the hassles.

Here is an excerpt from another forum:

1 - ceramic and poly caps - cheap and unusable in a guitar tone circuit- stock in most guitars.

2 - paper/oil either NOS or new - big improvement and upgrade from ceramic and poly caps.(also vintage correct(bumblebees) for those who care) These would be the Spragues, Gudeman, Seque etc..

These can be hard to find, but worth the effort. ( 5 buck and up)

3- foil/oil hi-fi caps - These are the best IMO if you really use your tone knobs alot. Jensen, Hovland Musicaps etc.. aluminum foil or copper foil/oil are the ones. (around 15 bucks each and up)

Anyone care to comment on their own experiance?

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