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Amount To Pay Someone Else?


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Hi all,

A guy who's an aquaintance will be painting my guitar whenever I get around to finishing building it. He's made his living (meagre at the time) doing airbrush work and finishes on motorcycles and helmets, and is now a tattoo artist.

Anyhow, since he's an aquaintance, he's implied (there hasn't been an actual business discussion yet) that I'll be able to set my own price for the job, and that he can either be involved or just let me use his equipment.

I haven't a holy clue how to use his equipment, so I'm going to ask if we can do it 'hybrid' style--

He applies the coats and 'stores' the guitar while it dries. I then take the guitar and do the sanding myself. He then applies the next coat, and when it's dry I do the sanding again. Depending on the stage we're in (if it's a "let dry for a few hours" or a "let dry for 4 weeks") I'll either stay on-site or I'll just come back for the guitar when I have time.

The paint will be solid black, with a glossy clearcoat for the body. The back of the neck will be black as well, but I want to do a matte finish. He will source the needed materials, as well, but I will pay for those.

* thoughts, opinions on the process in general?

* what would be a fair price (CDN funds would be great, but I can convert from US if need be) to pay the guy? I want it to be a bargain, but I also don't want to abuse his offer and rip him off.


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Well, solid gloss black for a body alone I would be charging $270 Canadian plus GST, if you're going to do the sanding and buffing that is the really laborious task.

If he is spraying with automotive urethane, he will probably put about $80 or $90 worth of product on the guitar, so I would say offering him $150 to $175 would be fair.

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