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Body Width: What' Too Narrow?

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i also drew up an original design and it didnt quite reach 12 inches wide, but it was a bass. Also what helped was having the full thing drawn out to scale with the headstock and everything to see how the proportions were. In that sense it was the right size and i didnt want to widen it.

heres a pic

Bass Design


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I don't think your design is too narrow. The Steinberger guitars come to mind immediately (have a look here under the Steinberger link: http://www.musicyo.com/product_specs.asp?pf_id=897). One thing that might be an issue is how the guitar balances. A narrow design might be neck heavy.

Best Regards,


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My drawing is full size and the body looks fine this way. Maybe I'd do a shorter neck scale but I really want 24 frets at 25.5".

Maybe I 'll cut the drawing in half, stick an inch of paper between them and see how it looks. Or, I could make the body a little thicker so it's heavier.



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