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Fly Trem


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Despite the lack-luster response to my last post :D I'm still working on some new tremolo ideas and coming up with some interesting designs and features.

What I haven't been able to find are details of the parker fly tremolo system. I understand that it uses a plate spring(s) which is adjustable for tension. Does anyone have any details, pics, links or even the patent on this. If you've played a Fly...what's you're opinion on the system.

If people are interested, I'll set up a brainstorming topic to share ideas on trem/bridge systems...otherwise I'll keep them to myself :D

:D psw B)

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OK, so I've read the manual and that's pretty clear. Of course it's the best thing since sliced bread' to them, but how are players finding it. How does it compare for the player with other systems ... amount of drop, action, etc. There's no fly's around here, other than the buzzing kind!

Also, do the piezos pick up noise from the trem movement, etc?


thank's guy's,


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