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Need German Translation Help

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I've been using Clou lacquer, which is from Germany. Unfortunately for me all the info on it is in German. It was sold to me as Nitro-cellulose lacquer. I bought it along with the nitro thinner.

I just saw in a book that Clou makes different kinds of nitro lacquer and the one i've got doesn't seem to be the traditional one. Could someonde translate the technical sheets of this product to me? At least tell me in general whats the most important parts of the sheets.

Most importantly to me is if this is "ready-to-spray" lacquer or the regular stuff.

Here's the datasheet in pdf format.

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On data sheet is says apply with brush.

Delute with Clou Nitro thinner. (if needed)

After 10-14 days it will be fully dried out, with woods like teak it will take longer.

Something that doesn't make sense is that it says: When drying....after 1 hour of drying.......sand down with 240/280 grit. Sounds bit fast if you ask me.

Most importantly to me is if this is "ready-to-spray" lacquer or the regular stuff.

From what I read the stuff is direct applicable......But no word on spraying.....brush on it says.......Have no clue what is the regular stuff or what you mean by it.

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Guest AlexVDL

I also have clou nitro laquer... www.bossina.nl can fill spraycans with it. One tin can of nitro goes into 6 spraycans, so I ordered 6. The cans cost me 12 euros a piece, but that is including shipping (15 euros).

One thing though... this clou is not the yellow amber colored nitro I'm used to. It also won't crack like regular nitro. I think it's a mixture of nitro and poly :D

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