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Buzzing Fret??? Need Help ASAP!!!

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If you really have to:

destring. put masking tape either side of the **11th** fret, or if you noticed the string hits another fret then do that one. take a nail file or the finest one you can lay your hands on, or some fine emery paper and very lightly take a tiny bit of metal off the fret causing the buzz (this won't be the 10th, it'll be higher).

polish it a bit if you can, and work across the width of the neck so the string won't catch in any grooves you might leave.

Take off as little as possible - you will need to dress this, and possibly all the higher frets asap.

I've done this only in emergencies - it is in no way ideal or reccommended - I'd rather do the gig with a higher action personally.


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