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Guitar Building Checklist (att. Newbie Inside!)


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Hi guys I just found this forum, and looks like a great place! :D

...by the subject you'll notice I dont know anything about building guitars or any instrument...BUT recently I noticed that my dad is getting a lot of hmmm (ahh!!) hmmm...wood working tools! , so he has I THINK the main tools I need to begin with sorry but I dont know their english names... Ok fellas, I really need to know EVERY toold needed to build a guitar BODY no fretboard here I love the Jackson and Kramer ones so I'll get them off eBay So please guys I really need the name of the tools (with pics if possible) needed for:

ALL the cavities (bridge, pickups, jack (?), and the rear side ones etc...)

Neck Joint


hmmm that kind of stuff also a GOOD brand for some glue...

I decided to do this because well...I alread stated the wood working tools thing, but also I've always wanted a double neck V!!! and that cant be so hard to do....I mean about 6 months...a lot of wood wasted lol but should be easier than a "strat" style one...with all the curves and stuff...

AND at last but not least...how can I make the plans? I want to make some good ones, mostly V's, double V's and stuff like that not strat-like plans...

...my problem is that I don't really recognize tools by their "english" names...so some pictures will help!

I know I'm probably asking TOOOOOOO much! but I still hope you guys can help me.

Thanks in advance! B)


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