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Question About Intonation W/ Floyd Rose Trem

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Preface: I already looked at the tutorial about adjusting intonation. But my measurements don't make any sense according to that tutorial.

So, on my current Strat project, I am ready to setup the guitar and do all the intonation and stuff. I have another Strat with an Original Floyd Rose locking trem on it. So I measured it to get an idea of the scale length in comparison to my project. I measured from nut to center of 12th fret - 12.75". But, from center of 12th fret to point of contact on the bridge is 13". I thought that the 12th fret was supposed to be equidistant from the nut and the bridge, but on my Strat, it's not?! And the way that the individual bridge pieces are adjusted don't seem to line up with that tutorial, either. Do I ignore this stuff and do it by ear? I would like understand what the deal is, though...

Can someone help me understand what is going on here? :D

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For your scale length (25.5), the high E should land at the approximately right spot.

As you can see on any guitar, none of the saddles are in the same spot...

But the high E seems to be the closest if you ever want to check scale lenght.

As for your guitar compared to the one in the tutorial.

Don't compare them. It does not matter.

All you need to do, is make sure that the open string (or 12th fret harmony) matches the fretted note on the 12th fret.

If the fretted note is too high, move the saddle back.

If it's too low, move the saddle in.

Easy as pie!


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