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Iceman Again


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I know this has been asked before but I'd really like plans for Ibanez's Iceman guitar. If someone can draw some up...great. How about some tips on how to get an acurate drawing yourself since it's so common a question.

How about rescaling a picture with a photocopier?

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i don't have any idea where you could get actual specs but if you can find a straight on picture of one you should be able to scale it out with an engineers rule. you'd need one fairly accurate diminsion; upper bout, lower bout or something to set your scale with.

once you find the proper scale on the rule you just get a piece of poster board, layout a 1" x 1" grid, measure the various parts on the guitar then transpose it to your poster board.

did that make any sense at all or did it only sound like it to me since i know what i'm talking about? :D

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Thanks AC ....yeah send it to me via email and I'll see how it goes...I use TurboDraw quite a bit but it has trouble converting (saves as .art files) but reads a few others. I have another progarm called formatti that converts other stuff so with a little fiddling around....

Unclej...pretty artsy-craftsy...I have trouble with the curves and have found a few wonky edge curves really show up in the final instrument...it's one thing with a V but this thing is curvy.

I like it cause it melds the moderne gibson guitars like the V and explorer into a really different oriental wacko shape but still practical to use.

The other one I want to make is a reverse strat...Hendrix fetish!

er...tell me about Inkscape and tracing

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Quite right...I hadn't opened the PDF. Brian and Kevan...perhaps you'd like to add this to the download section.

Why I ask is that I will need to make a few alterations to the strat cutaways to make it work (the controls will be right handed, not really just a lefty upsidedown), a bit like a mosrite I guess. I suppose I could just get out a pencil and rubber...if I have to...alright I will!

One or both of these I'm thinking of using for an alloy topped guitar as we have been discussing on this thread:

Aluminium Alien

cheers guys

I guess I'll be putting the saw to wood sooner than I had thought!


By the way, what do others think of the Iceman shape? I knew a guy who had a beautiful Korina model...not your flashy Kiss version and it looked great...like a curvy explorer.

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You could do the same thing with my strat body shape backwards. Or you could spend a few seconds using the tool on my site to flip it and have a lefty outline to draw on.

I love the Iceman. It was one of the first bodies I drew. Wish I had time to make one.

(quick lefty plan how to:

Point at the picture on the body archive page, the name should pop up.

Point at the named button on wihbet, the dimensions should pop up. "width x height in"

put -1 in the "scale x" box and click "process". change that back to 1.

put the width in the "translate x" box and click "process".

click "make PDF".


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I'll give it a try...

Is there a way to convert the PDF to vectors so that I can alter the shape a little and reverse the body shape but not the controls and "comfort contours"?

Perhaps I'll try to print it on some kind of transparent paper...or trace it with a pen,ok...and place them atop eachother and trace them again!

I think theres something about a longer lower horn that appeals to me...hmmm, should I be worried! Hendrix's reverse strat, the Explorer, Firebird and the Iceman are, to me classic "modern" design icons.

The Iceman was apparently designed specifically for this purpose. I read in a book here that businessman was offering finance to develop a distinctive japanese guitar design. This was at a time when Ibanez were branching into original designs spurred on patent enforcements it only made sense to make a complete departure.

This is what they came up with. Early models like Steve Millers featured a unique triple coil single pickup and 3 band onboard active equalisation. The korina model was just like a classic explorer, no binding, dot neck, twin humbuckers. I think the Kiss connection...although great promotion, especially with the famous cracked mirror guitar...really boxed them into a specially market and killed off all the other variations of the model.

It's great to see the return of the Iceman but they seem to be making the same marketing mistakes by pushing the dropped tune current favs. The people brought up on the original, and even Kiss, are a lot older now and there is probably a longer and broader market to exploit with the original varried classic and unique direction which originally influenced it's creation.

You know I woke up this morning thinking...I've got a super crappy 12 string neck in the garage....perhaps a 12 string iceman is the way to go...with an alloy top...oh yeah! :D

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If your talking about my PDFs...

They are... or were vectors. I store cubic bezier paths and generate SVG or PDF.

You want to export them to an editor?

I can tell you how to put the curves back in Inkscape.

I'd like to do standard cad like DXF but I don't know the format or the programs that use it, yet.

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That's what I mean't but I think for a one-off I could do a little tracing...sounds like fun. Shame the format's are so difficult to transfer. My TurboDraw .art files can't be read by their own TurboCad 2D or 3D or their Designer program...go figure!

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Well, I'm glad you asked.

All of the outlines are stored as bezier path, the format used to store curves in PDF and SVG files. The PDFs and thumbnails are generated by a PHP program I cobbled together.

I just need to write a program to make DXF files. But I'm a complete CAD newbie.

I need to analyze the DXF file format and understand how to write bezier curves that would be supported by most applications that people around here use. I need help with this part. I need a few people to send me sample DXFs with a simple one or two segment curve and nothing else. And I need people who know a little bit about DXF to share thier knowledge.

I actually started a thread in Off Topic Chat yesterday. There isn't any replies yet. I'm going to wait to start working on this untill I find a few people to help me. Honestly, If I make DXF exports I probably wont ever use them. If you think you will, spend some time and help me figure it out.


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