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what's easier?

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hey. My name is Luke, and I'm new. Hello board veterans. B)

A friend of mine mentioned projectguitar.com to me when I asked him about making my own guitar. I was looking at the finishing section of the site, and I was reading about the Material finish. I was wondering if the material finish is easier to do than paint finish? This is the first guitar I'm making, so I would like to do which ever one is easier. Thanks for any help :D

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it's an easy way to get a cool graphic, but it's far more work than doing a solid color finish.

You have to add lots of clear, and sand tons on a material finish, as well as bond the fabric.

There is no EASY finish except for a poor one.

All you have to do is read the tutorial, and you will see that a fabric finish is not just a simple matter of gluing fabric onto a body :D

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