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Coil Tap


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hey im thinking about geting an epiphone Les paul special 2 for a mod/expirement guitar, and i was thinking because the bodys alder and ive seen strats with alder bodys, if i adapted the pickups to coil tap could i get a strat like tone...

also how do i coil tap...

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Depends on what you mean by "strat-like". If you split the pickups it will be *more stratty* than the standard choices. But it won't really be stratty. Different body shape, neck joint, and bridge design all contribute. But more importantly, split humbuckers (especially weaker PAF types) don't really sound like strat single coils when split. Plus, they're not in the locations that they are in a strat. So, I think it's worth doing for the extra sound (which you MAY even PREFER to a real strat; it's all a taste call), but don't expect it to really cop a strat sound.

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