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  1. Hey, ive done abit of research and Garrisons are available over here in the UK (Dealers) I really have to play one of these! rather than shortening my short list ive made it longer beware guitar shops of london ima comming, and ill play stairway to heaven as many times as i like if im spending £1000 on a guitar!
  2. yeah, you really do get what you pay for, but if its really cheap then it might be worth messing about with. saying that i bought a telecaster copy by shine for about £80 and i love it, the clean sounds are better than my Epiphone les paul custom but doesnt compare for dist.
  3. was thinking of getting this http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/WESLEY-JASPER-TRANS-...oQQcmdZViewItem to play like a slide lap steel thing
  4. Hey Thanks for the advicei really like the J 200 but its double my price limit, the thing is this guitar is being bought for me for my 18th birthday, so i really want this guitar to be the only ill have to the day i die, so i really need to be something special im really likeing the Gibson > Southern Jumbo and J45 or maybe a martin i think my best options is really take a few hours and try everything i can
  5. Hello, im going to get a good acoustic guitar soon, can anyone suggest a good all round acoustic, for about £1000 ($1800?) Thanks, i like the dark sunbursts, like this http://domain440256.sites.fasthosts.com/Gi...tic/j-200_m.jpg so suggestions please! thanks
  6. worring, i live close really close to Aldgate / Liverpool St where one of the bombs went off, and was meant to be aat liverpool street the time the bomb went off, but was running late.
  7. maher, i played loose head and hooker back in my pudgy days its not as bad as 2nd row, cos in front row u can fart and not smell it, in 2nd row u not only just smell it, u breathe it for the duration of the scrum luke ←
  8. could be worse, i play tight head prop and yeah rugby kicks the s*** out of NFL.
  9. would building an upright bass be similar to a voilin, would it be the same construction methods but just on a larger scale? nice work Matt.
  10. while were on this topic doesn anyone know any good free anti virus software?
  11. another person to fight in meaningless wars. just my opinion. anyway good luck, its a brave thing to do, i respect that.
  12. HA! Who's is that? ← i think those are perrys flame converse like mine ← those the black with the flames comming up?
  13. lol! well i know who the sneaker is!
  14. guitar of the month, not photographer of the month.
  15. i fish abit, only small stuff tho
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