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How Do You Sand A Carved Top?


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all you have to do is take the block you have and stick some stuff from a mousepad on there, thats what some archtop luthiers use. And the block has to be relitively small (2x2 would work).

wouldnt a 2x2 be too small to get an even sand all around??

if it where me, i would take a big sponge (bout 8x8) cut it in half, down the middle (8x4) and then hold your sandpaperon it, tightly, then go over, the sponge will form to the shape of the guitar, but if you have any severe iregularities (for example, 1/4 of wood sticking up in the middle of the guitar for no apparent reason), it might be a little harder to get an even sand

Good luck


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