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Tune O Matic Bridge

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I am building a flat solidbody neck thru without a neck angle, it is totally flat like a strat. Can I use a tune o matic bridge if so could someone give me an ALLPARTS part # for me to reference. :D



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You CAN use a TOM bridge, but you will either have to use a neck angle or have the fretboard a lot higher than the body. Another alternative is recessing the bridge, but a neck angle would probably be easier. As for the part number, no clue. Stewmac.com has a good selection of bridges, though.

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Before committing yourself to a design and hardware you need to make a full-size drawing of the lengthwise centerline cross-section profile of your guitar. Show everything from nut to tailpiece using actual dimensions. Draw the strings, putting them the correct height over the fretboard and extend them out to where the bridge is. You can then see how much room there is for the bridge and how high (or low) it will need to be. That will inform your choice of bridge or your decision about neck angle.

Always best to work things out on paper first!

Good luck,


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