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Wiring Les Paul


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Hello guys! I'm sorry to ask you such a stupid question, but I have problems with wiring my Les Paul. I found a couple of diagrams on web, but I have a dilemma with soldering ground wire from bridge. Every diagram shows it different way. My question is; do I have to solder it directly to the jack, or to the casing of the volume pot? And my another question is about pot casings. Do they all have to be connected together? I'm totally lost in those diagrams. I'm using 2 conductor pickups(EMG Select)

Did someone here wire a LP succesfully, and I would like to see a diagram that is correct and that works.


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You can't go wrong if you connect all the ground leads to the same spot - traditionally, it's been the back of the uppermost volume pot. You should theoretically run a separate wire from each pot casing to your ground point to avoid ground loops, but in practice simply running them in series usually works fine. The gound leads from the pickups, the jack, any shielding, the bridge and the selector switch should also be connected to this same point. HTH.

For the rest, use this diagram:

2HB, 2V, 2T

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