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Fingerboard Dot Placement

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While I'm too sick to work in my shop, I'm putting together the plans for my next project, a fretless electric bass. I want the fingerboard to be like my AB-20 (depicted in my avatar) but 1) I don't have the tools/skills yet to build my own neck, and 2) I haven't found anybody who has a line-less neck that has dots placed where the lines would be cut.

So, I'm thinking about buying a fretless line-less neck from USA, and putting in my own dot inlays... but I've never done anything like this. I have an idea for keeping the neck/fingerboard level while using a forstner bit and drill press to make the shallow holes for the inlay dots, but I really don't want to experiment too much with a $200 neck.

If anybody has any advice, eperience, or good links, I would appreciate it.


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Building a neck really isn't that difficult at all. When I started building my bass, I had VERY VERY little woodworking experience. I used a belt sander and rasps but I could have just as easily used just rasps. You can get one at Lowes for cheap.

If you do buy a neck, I wouldn't worry TOO much about drilling the shallow holes for the inlays. I doubt you will notice any slanting once you level the inlays after glueing them in.

Edit: You can check out pictures of my neck here http://projectguitar.ibforums.com/index.php?showtopic=6050

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