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Bandsaw Riser Blocks


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I have no idea how they are setup on a bandsaw and have not been able to find a photo of them in use on the net. I am curious because I have an old Dayton 14" bandsaw, and while I am sure there are not risers available for it (being at least 25 years old and all) I am wondering if it might be possible to build such a system. Having the ability to resaw wide lumber if very inviting.


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I'm not sure when or where, but LGM made a tutorial in which he built a riser block for his Delta bandsaw (I think). Search around on these forums and on his site, and you should be able to find it.


Apparently I was wrong. From what I could find, it was Lex Luthier that made a riser, and it wasn't really approved of from a safety point of view, so I guess it's not really worth a try.

So sorry about the first part of the post.

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